4 Reasons for Covering your Fast Food Skip Bin

A busy fast food restaurant is bound to produce high volumes of waste each day. As part of good waste management, many fast food restaurants will use skip bin services to dispose of food waste.

While this makes a good first step to maintaining a clean environment, it's also important to cover or shade your skip bins. You can do so by installing a permanent canopy over your bins or using a removable cover that can be attached as needed.

Now that you've hired the right size of skip bins for your fast food restaurant, read on to discover the benefits of keeping your bins covered at all times.

To prevent invasion by pests and insects

Fast food skip bins are a popular spot for rodents and other insects that come looking for food. If left loose and uncovered, persistent rodents have been known to chew through bags containing food waste and scattering their content across your business.

Pests and rodents such as rats multiply at alarming rates and if left unchecked, your business will suffer the risk of a rat problem. Also, the scattered food waste can be unsightly and off-putting for your customers.

Covering your skip bins guarantees minimal attacks from rodents.

Reduce odours

A skip bin full of rotting food can smell bad. Direct sunlight increases the rate at which waste food decays, which also increases the odours emitted from the skip bin.

Covering your skip bins will reduce the rate at which food decays and also reduce the intensity of bad odours.

Ensuring safety at work

Part of an employee's job definition in a fast food restaurant is to load food waste into skip bins several times a day. Unfortunately for these workers, the Australian sun can be very unforgiving, especially during the summer.

Installing a shade or covering your skip bins will help protect your workforce from sunburns or heat strokes that can result from direct sunlight. Also, hot skip bins can cause discomfort or injury when touched.

''Green business''

Using a skip bin service essentially promotes your restaurant as a ''green business'' with a proactive waste management strategy. Covering your skip bins is a good way of attracting more customers who have the same mindset regarding proper waste management.

Make sure you talk to your skip bin service for further advice and information on how to cover your skip bin for your fast food restaurant.